The Lara Happenings has been a part of the Lara Community for many years and is one of the few regular community newsletters produced in the region. It is also the only publication of its type that is provided free to the community each fortnight.

The move to the full colour printing has been an exciting change to the Happenings and the publication continues to be valued in the community for the information we are able to provide on behalf of the contributors.

Rates for the Lara Happenings from 1st January 2018 (Current as at November 2019)

SizeCurrent rate (GST inc.)Dimensions (mm) (w x l)

Alternative aspect (mm)   (w x l)

Front cover $200.00 190 x 200 n/a
Back Cover


190 x 200 n/a
Full Page $180.00 170 x 200 n/a
Half Page


170 x 110 85 x 220
Third Page $75.00 170 x 70 82 x 135
Quarter page $ 65.00 170 x 55 85 x 110
Fifth Page $ 55.00 170 x 42 n/a
Business Card (1/8) $ 40.00 82 x 52 n/a
Bottom Banner $ 30.00 170 x 25 n/a
Classified, per line $  3.85 Max 35 characters per line, max 7 lines


A discount of 5% will be applied when four or more issues are booked and paid for in advance. Issues do not have to be consecutive, or the same size, to attract this discount.

All artwork should comply with the Digital Pre-press Guide below.

Set-up costs:

An initial fee of $40 will be charged to set up ads. Ads will be set out within the space paid for, however, due to the tight timelines, we will be unable to provide proofs.

Changes to ads will charged at $10 per 15 minutes (or part thereof).

We thank you for your support of the Happenings.

Local community groups may be eligible to have up to half a page in the Happenings free of charge to promote their organization's event, successes and celebrations.   See our Happenings Policy to see if you meet the criteria.

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