RSL Lara headquarters

The RSL formed in 1929 but prior to municipal ownership commenced in 1861 as a Roads Board with power to plan roads, bridges and set rates.Later Corio Shire was formed which occubired Chamver offices here for 73 years until 1937 wen it moved to Osborne house North Geelong to be more central in the shire. in 1865 the You Yangs Order of Oddfellows met here.


Horse Watering Trough

Next to the RSL, the Watering Trough was donated by George and Annis Bills of Camberwell, VIctoria who made their fortune in 1880 making inner spring mattresses. A life member of the RSPCA who wanted to ensure water access to all animals and birds, he willed 500 troughs that were erected and sent to England, USA, Japan, South africa, Switzerland, and Canada. 82 of these troughs still reside within Victorian towns.


Wathaurong Aboriginal Land

Stretching along Forest Road to Plains Road, more than 600 kangaroos, emus and Cape Barren geese can be seen grazing in their natural environment.


Flinder Peak School

A timber schoolhouse was opened at the corner of Forest Road and Peak School Road as a State Government School due to the damp condition of the Duck Ponds School.



A plantation of sugar gums stretching for 1.5 kilometers dating from the late 1800's. Wooloomanata Homestead was built by F.W Armytage farming 8000 acres. He pioneered the frozen meat trade. Later used as a RAAF training school for airfield construction personel and the secret Spitfire Squadron pilot training in WWII.


Duck Ponds SChool

Built as a Church of England parsonage and replaced by the Blair Road school. James Tydeman was first headmaster. Now renovated, volunteer teachers  conduct heritage classes using blackboards and stencils for local school children. in 1878 it became a school only when Holy Trinity Anglican Church was built.


Shire Engineer's Residence

Occupied by Mr Olvier then R.A Simons. From  1937 to 1951 was the Lara Police station occupied by Sgts Rundle, Goerge Bolton, Allan Davey, Meikle, and Jack Kelly.


Swiss Grove Vineyard

Existed near 80 Rennies Street. Award winning wine was made by Jules Favre.


Cairn:Hume and Hovell

Explorers Hume and Hovell camped in Lara on the 17th of December 1824. Hovells Creek was named in William Hilton Hovell's Honour. The Cairn was unveiled 100 years later in 1924.


Hovell's Creek Reserve and Walk

Walk to the Geelong Grammar School and Lagoon following the route taken by Hume and Hovell. A popular walk and bike riding path.


 Grass's "Robin Hood Hotel"

A Cobb and Co Coach stop enroute to Melbourne. It was also an early stop off for you Yangs excursions.


You Yangs Aboriginal Corroboree Ground

The meeting grounds for the local Wathaurong people, the Wathaurongs wore depressions into the hard granite of Big Rock to create water pools.


MacGillverty Cottage

Many residents worked as timber cutters which was necessary for building materials and to fire Lara's lime kilns.


Dover Cottage

Just past Flinder Avenue, the building was comprised of limestone, blustone, fieldstone, and granite.


James English Cottage

 James English lived in this four roomed home. Rainwater was collected from the roof into the stone well to the left of the building.


Branch Family home "Brigadoon"

 Old well and house foundations are visible next to the water tank.


Serendip Wildlife Sanctuary

Extensive wetlands and lake belonged to Pirra or "Windermere Homestead". In the 1800's water was open channled by gravity from as far as Little River. Serendip is now used as a Department of Environment and Natural Resources to breed endangered fauna and free entry allows visitors to see world class wildlife, with viewing and picnic facilities.



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