Lara Kindergarten

At Lara Kindergarten, we believe in establishing and fostering great learning partnerships to create a safe, supportive and fun learning space for all. We use a play-based learning approach which allows children to develop a great disposition to learning, through a variety of small group & whole group experiences.

We are passionate about gaining perspectives from families and the community to allow us to tailor the program to support the needs of all children in order for it to be meaningful and relevant.

Our program is based on the emergent interests and development of each child, with every child being supported to reach their best potential as a learner, thinker and doer.

We use the Early Years Learning Framework to support a strength-based learning approach for all children, and document highlights and continual development throughout the year.

Our learning space highlights an incredible outdoor yard and single play room for children to interact with. Our routine is flexible and constantly evolving, as the children develop predispositions for their learning throughout these environment. We are firm believers creating an environment that is welcoming, warm and supportive for all children and feel that this allows us to build incredible connections with all stakeholders.

Currently, the children who attend our four year old Kindergarten run through a rotational group from Monday to Thursday. We also offer a three year old Kindergarten program every Friday.

Lara Lake Community Preschool

Lara Lare Community Pre-school was part of the Lara community for many year prior be becoming incorporated in 1994. Lara Lake Community Pre-School Incorporated is an independent community based, not-for-profit organisation offering Pre-School services for 3 to 6 year olds.


After operating out of a site at the Uniteding Church in Flinders Ave for many years, the Pre-School moved to it's current location in 2005. We currently have three beautifully appointed kinder rooms.


LLPS is managed by a voluntary Committee of Management and a team of dedicated staff members.

Flinders Avenue Kindergarten

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9 - 11 Waverley Road, Lara
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Lara Community Centre Inc.
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Lara, VIC, 3212
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